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Hi there!

I'm Thels de Kwant, born 40 years ago on the 1st of May in the city of Breda, though I never actually lived there. As a little kid, I lived in a village called Lage Zwaluwe, but since the age of 12 I have lived in the city of Haarlem.

I quite enjoy living in Haarlem, close enough to Amsterdam for study, work and various events, without having to live inside that large city. I don't see myself moving far away anytime soon, as that would mean having to say goodbye to all the friends and family that live in or around the city.

Work in development

This webpage is very much a work in development! While functional on a technical level, and containing some basic information about who I am, it is by no means an end product. It kind of represents myself in that way. I got the basics down, but there is so much that I can and will improve upon.

Why don't you check back in a couple of weeks or a month from now? I plan to have concocted a couple of cool looking gadgets to show off!

The face behind the name

A photo of Thels

MSX Basic

I've always held a strong interest in computers and coding. Since my dad ran a small computer company, I had my own computer from a young age. My first computer was an MSX, and while I of course used it to play games, I also started dabbling in code from about 8 years old. With a little BASIC for Dummies manual in Dutch, I started reading and entering the instructions. After verifying what happened on the screen, I then immediately experimented, tweaking the values to see how that changed the outcome.

On to PC

Eventually, the MSX was swapped out for a PC, and I continued experimenting in Quick Basic, writing a couple of simple ASCII games. When Windows 95 rolled around, I experimented with Visual Basic, and dabbled a bit in Assembly and C++. I really enjoyed creating stuff, but I realized that on my own, I wouldn't be able to create any interesting games beyond text and ASCII games.


So, instead of trying to create something from scratch on my own, I focused on games that came with editors, either built-in, or provided by the community. Using those tools, I was able to create my own maps and scenarios for popular games, while my previous experience also allowed me to produce a few tools of my own to further support modding such games. Collaboration with others that were better at designing new graphics for such games, I've also produced a few total conversions. Especially once games started to support Lua code, modding those games became even more interesting.


In addition to local programming, I've been working here and there in basic webdesign. This is not so much about the games (computer games at least), but more about sharing information with others. For example, when running a Tabletop RPG for friends, I found it easier to quickly slap the information together on a website, and link it to my friends, than have the information get lost in mail.

Most recently, I've created a website for the local boardgame community that I run with a couple of friends, which can be found at This was again a collaboration project. One of these friends has completed a study in graphics design, so he set up the basic layout, while I implemented the technical aspects.

Expand and Develop

So far, the vast majority of my knowledge and experience with coding and webdesign has been self-thought and for personal reasons. While I've worked in IT-related projects, these have generally been at a basic level. Deciding I want to pursue work opportunities closer to interest, I looked into following a study that would both bring my knowledge up to date and at a professional level.

I've signed up for a HBO Software Engineering course at the NCOI, but regretably, the study focused on the management aspects surrounding IT, rather than on coding and designing itself. Since that was not what I was looking for, I continued searching.


Eventually, I came across Codaisseur. While I'm not yet fully sure what to expect in the coming eleven weeks, I'm eager to spruce up my knowledge of webdesign, and put this newfound knowledge to good use, at both a professional and a personal level!

Tabletop games

I love boardgames! I really like big, sprawling games that last for hours on end, but I can also entertain myself with a small filler card game that lasts a couple of minutes. Recently, I've mostly been enjoying Deckbuilders (where all players start the game with a small deck of basic cards, and use those cards to improve their deck) and Cooperative games (where all players work together to overcome a specific scenario, while random elements keep getting in the way. I can enjoy most other boardgame genres as well, but I'm not a fan of trivia games and euro games with heavy mechanics and little theme.

Together with two friends, I run a monthly Boardgame event called Saturdice. Every second Saturday of the month, we organize an entire afternoon and evening filled with board and cardgames in a clubhouse at walking distance from the Haarlem train station.

My creative interest pops up here as well. In addition to playing boardgames, I also enjoy trying to design some games, though the ideas are often running a bit wild in my head. With the rise of platforms such as Tabletop Simulator, it's easier than ever to create prototypes for your games and play them online with friends or strangers.

Other hobbies

I still enjoy computer games from time to time, mostly in the RPG and the Strategy genres. I also watch a decent amount of Sci-Fi films and series. I used to read a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books when I was young. While I haven't been reading as much since, it's something I've been trying to pick back up again. I'm also involved in a couple of Tabletop RPGs (mostly Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder). Finally, I also enjoy the occasional puzzle solving.

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